Amateur tournament information

Tournament information

In addition to Grandmaster events, the Tata Steel Chess Tournament also organises amateur events that are open to players of all levels.

  • Weekend-three-round event (Weekendvierkamp)
  • Weekday-three-round event (Dagvierkamp)
  • Nine-round event (Tienkamp)

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Anti-cheating Measures

Since FIDE has sharpened the regulations for the abuse of mobile phones and tablets, the organization of Tata Steel Chess 2023 will be extra strict and alert. So the random inspections of players are possible in 2023. This will happen in all groups, both in the amateur section as in the Masters and Challengers Groups. Our arbiters are responsible for these controls.

We will also make the audience aware of these new, strict rules.

Tournament rules

Any player who, for the first time in a game, arrives at the chessboard after more than one hour after the scheduled time to start, will lose the game unless the arbiter sees a good reason to lengthen the term.

Smoking is not allowed in the playing rooms, nor bringing in and/or drinking alcoholic drinks.

Any use of electronic devices is forbidden in the playing rooms. This includes mobile phones, smartwatches, laptops, notebooks and tablets.

During a game, it is forbidden for a player to carry any electronic device. Such devices must be stored in a player’s bag or coat and must be completely switched off. If it is evident that a player has such a device on their person in the playing venue, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. If it is noticed that such a device is not completely switched off, the remaining time of the player will be reduced to half with a maximum deduction of 10 minutes.

Tournament rooms

Dorpshuis De Moriaan:
Dorpsduinen 4, 1949 EG Wijk aan Zee

Beachclub Sunsea:
Zeepad, 1949 EH Wijk aan Zee

Café de Zon:
Voorstraat 54, 1949 BJ Wijk aan Zee


Amateur events:

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